• rehearsal studio

    Rehearsal Studios in Glasgow

    Looking for a place for you and your fellow musicians to rehearse in peace and noise? Here is a handy little list of the top rehearsal studios in the Glasgow area. Finding your perfect space to rehearse a few (or more) factors: 1. How easy […] READ MORE

  • cat-with-headphones-fishinasub

    5 Songs Your Cat Listens To Whilst You’re Out

    Ever wonder what your cat gets up to when you leave your house to go to work? Or go out to pick up some messages? Or how about when you go out for a “quiet drink” that turns into a two day bender? If you […] READ MORE

  • mars-spaceship-fishinasub

    5 Songs to Soundtrack Your First Space Adventure

    With the prospect of space travel for average human beings becoming a real possibility in the near future, we here at Fish in a Sub thought to ourselves about what songs would accompany a persons first space adventure. I’ve compiled a list of songs that […] READ MORE

  • IAmAnIsland

    Fatherson – I Am An Island // Review

    ‘All greatness stands firm’. Fatherson’s first album ‘I Am An Island’ is a perfectly woven tapestry of alternative rock songs that firmly concretes their position as the cream of the crop of the Scottish music scene. Having kept their legion of fans waiting for what […] READ MORE