The 5 Best Clubs in Glasgow


Sub Club or ‘Subby’
Reachable via an innocuous doorway off of Jamaica Street marked by little more than its iconic sub symbol, ‘Subby’ as it is more generally known is the world’s longest-running underground dance club, and among the very most important clubbing associations on earth.

This small cellar room is celebrated as being one of the united kingdom, together with the top nightclubs in Glasgow. Within its walls, the decks have been taken to by top DJs, larger-than-life nightclub nights have kicked off, and a large number of serious dancing heads have got down and dirty with sexual intercourse melodies.

La Cheetah Club
Clubs do not get much more cozy than La Cheetah, where tremendous Funktion-One and the DJ booth sound-system alone just take a substantial amount of the floor-space up. But that is the attractiveness of the fast- rising cellar place, which is a breeding-ground for all types of fresh brands that are thrilling on the thriving electronic dance-music landscape during the last couple of years in Glasgow

La Cheetah is situated in Vendor City in the down stairs cellar of Max’s. Having a hammering mixture of techno, house and electronica, La Cheetah is a bother free place where the music speaks for it self.

One of the most adored sites in Glasgow, Stereo ticks many a carton of great. Once you have had your vegan drunk and fill your way through their all-natural drink offering, get yourselves downstairs to their multi purpose club room.

Situated in the striking Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed former Daily Record building Renfield Lane down, Stereo has truly become one of the vibiest choice cafe- gig places and bars in the city since moving into town from the West End in 2007.

The Berkley Suite
This fashionable underground clubbing and live music venue joined the Glasgow scene in 2011, when it was started by the proprietor of adjoining tavern-restaurant Chinaski’s. Sweaty routine nighttime and packaged comprise old school disco celebration Supermax, dub-reggae soundsystem Mungo’s Hi Fi and house, acid rock and all things in-between mashup Crazy Mix from buddies and DJs David Barbarossa.

Way more swanky compared to the remainder of our picks that are clubbing, The Berkeley suite wears art deco fashion and is clad with lavish velvet finishes for a night out with a little classic, alluring border.

Nice & Sleazy’s
Another pub more interchangeable with Glasgow you will certainly fight to identify. DJs often play at weekends, particularly in the pub, but downstairs in the reddish interiored cellar of Sleazy’s is where the actual action is. The cellar has come into its own with filled nightclub nights of all sorts occurring a few weeknights, and every weekend also, as a nightclub place during the past half-decade or so.

Something of an establishment on the clubbing scene in Glasgow, Sleazy’s is a delight palace of liquid refreshment that is affordable, boisterous beat on a party atmosphere along with happenings unlike all others.

Buff Club
Discerning fans of soul, funk and disco understand that Bath Lane is the goto destination on a night out.

Here lies a hidden jewel in the crown of the giddy nightlife in Glasgow. The critical destination for weekday and weekend clubbing, The Buff Club is the proud host to a long-flourishing nightclub night with the sounds of soul, funk and classic disco resounding from Bath Lane. A program of magnificence heads up Killer Kitsch, Burn Mondays, Hip Hop Thursdays and a mix -mash in the weekends with bash possibility each night. Standard congregates require anyone from pupils that are fashionable to develop clubbers with one common interest: a memorable night out.

The 7 best live music venues in Glasgow

glasgows best live music venues

Like its clubbing scene, Glasgow has a fairly impressive reputation when it comes to showcasing the finest live music. Whether you are trying to find the next huge thing to catching the largest in the company taking over the city’s best stadiums, performing to a bunch of ten at the rear of some dingy tavern, the sites under should have you well covered. See you down the front.

With a global reputation for turning out hard rockers and indie favourites. Not to mention a culture where everyone knows someone who plays in a group. It’s just right that Glasgow has notched up a couple top class sites also.

Finest and only, the first and the one, The Barras has a a reputation. And that is quite much. Your grand-parents could have courted in the time back in the ballroom and, let us face it, the decoration has not changed significantly since it was used by your parents.

Having an acceptable claim to the name of the many renowned places in Glasgow, a sprung dancefloor as a result of the previous existence as a real ballroom, its stunning neon frontage as well as a capability of 1,900 standing – the setting at Barrowlands may be one of the better.

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut:
Check out King Tut’s on any specified night and you are not unlikely to discover on something, a lot of the bill composed of hopefuls from the surrounds as well as Glasgow, all expecting their McGee exists in the bunch.

Remains one of the many well-known little music sites for considerably more regular motives in the world. With multiband expenses nearly every evening of the week, 52 weeks of the entire year, this 2-story Street Vincent Road stone gets the greatest employee turnover of live music any place in the United Kingdom, perhaps also in town. A lot of the audio comes from fresh or more-and-returning musicians.

Nice & Sleazy’s:
Steadfastly doing its point in the Charing Cross end-of Sauchiehall Road since 1991, recently the well-known Nice’n’Sleazy has transcended its status as an indie divebar and recording artists’ worry to become many points to all sorts of folks – an area for excellent foods, beverages, disc jockeys, live music, dance and just basic going out away from midday until 3am 7 days a week. Down-stairs, in the cellar that is interiored that is red is, where the actual action is.

It is a little, busy space which epitomises the flourishing audio scene in Glasgow, and getting a group on the finest of the holiday in the Wickerman Warmup or the increase like Casual Intercourse supports only what music means to town.

The Arches:
The celebrated subterranean place is famous for the regularly avant garde theater, together with its nightclub nights and artwork those nightclub nights help finance – but do not forget that groups are regularly lining up to play under those railway arches.

Founding artistic director Andy Arnold to finance a programme of plays with sales at a time when the acid house movement was sweeping the world, from clubbing. A remarkable symbiotic association started. Long-working house and Pressure has been going strong since 2008.

Oran Mor:
To outsiders, it is a church using a ring on it. To Glasgow, it is a watering hole, a literary haunt, a wedding site, a nightclub, a theater space that is daytime and – of course – another opportunity to catch a group.

Carouse from morning until late seven days per week, drink, dance and typically the glowing ring artfully adorning the steeple guides in punters to Oran Mor from miles about, to eat.

02 Academy:
An old art deco film, there is still an awareness of magnificence to this area – even when it is situated in the barren landscape of the once bustling Gorbals. Place aside and marvel at the inner part of the area – interval characteristics and its crossing balcony amount.

SSE Hydro:
The SSE Hydro plays host to international and national music mega stars in addition to worldwide entertainment and sporting events.

With a seated capacity of 12,000, The SSE Hydro augments the SECC the and periods around 140. of ‘s present Bringing an audience of over 1 million visitors annually, the site is consistently rated by Pollstar in the very best three stadiums internationally, alongside iconic places like The O2 arena as well as Madison Square Garden.

Best live music venues in Glasgow

Glasgow has an outstanding live music scene with some of the best artists in the world coming to play in front of the legendary Glasgow crowds who never fail to keep bands coming back to Glasgow. The enthusiasm of the Glasgow crowd and the density of Glasgow live music venues amazes most people that so many acts can be playing in one place. You can easily see a few bands playing in multiple venues in the one night in Glasgow.

All Glasgow venues have their unique charms and social crowds, but here is some of out favourite.

The Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom

With an easy claim to the title of Glasgow’s most iconic gig venue, a unique sprung dance floor thanks to it’s former life as an actual ballroom, its distinctive neon sign gracing it’s outside and a huge Glasgow crowd capacity of 1900 there is nothing quite like The Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom. Famous bands such as Oasis, U2, The Stranglers, The Clash, The Smiths, Big Country, Muse, Foo Fighters have all played inside it’s hall.

Oran Mor

The tall magnificent tower that you see for miles pulls in anyone curious enough to have a look inside. It’s an amazing venue that you can even host your wedding at. The bars are great, the food is amazing and the Oran Mor really has it all. Only being a five minute walk from the local Subway station with plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants in between before you even see the band. The small ceiling which is always so recognisable at any underground gig, traps in the sound and keeps the crowd sweaty and standing. The 500 standing capacity of the basement venue means that most bands that play there are of a smaller nature. You might have even seen your favourite band there to go on to play a bigger venue like say The SSE hydro…

The SSE Hydro

Glasgow’s bad boy music venue, this baby is in no way shape or form a small venue and attracts the biggest artists in the world. Everyone from Kings of Leon to Fleetwood Mac have played the venue already. Attracting massive crowds and some face melting songs have been belted out at this, Glasgow’s soon to be most famous music venue. It’s multi-coloured exterior and famous red walkway – if you come via the train – isn’t something to be forgotten. If you are from Glasgow then you have no doubt already visited this venue, sitting or standing and have been in aww of it’s grand nature a true piece of amazing architecture. Built and designed with sound in mind.

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

One of the UK’s most famous venues, I don’t think there is anything else like it in the UK. Obviously it had to be in Glasgow. As famous basement venues this has to be the best in Glasgow live music venues. No other venue can pull in the bands like it can. Thanks to the promotions company DF concerts – who also run TITP – this venue has truly seen them all. Most famously when Oasis were picked up after playing a show there. However, everyone has played there and amongst those in the know it’s an honour to play there as an artist and for most it’s a step in the right direction to following their heroes.

02 ABC Glasgow

This venue is a relic and a working hard relic, it’s been everything from a cinema to an ice rink and now it’s working hard as a music venue and club. If you haven’t been to a Thursday night outing to the ABC as it’s known locally then you’ve not experience the night life in Glasgow. As a venue it’s like no other in Glasgow. It actually has a smaller baby venue on the first floor called the 02 ABC 2 or also known as the wee bar.

This venue has it all and thanks to it’s history and correctly done restoration it’s no doubt here to stay as a Glasgow live music venue like no other.

02 Academy

Sort of like a twin sister or brother, maybe even a big sister or brother. This live music venue is sort of like the 02 ABC without the Glasgow city centre location, which is a shame as it’s an amazing venue. Played by bands who are sort of in between playing the Barrowlands a couple of night in a row and the Hydro. A fair live music crowd is pulled through it’s doors.

6 Lyrics From The 1975 You Should Never Forget

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the1975 - step into your skin

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the1975 girls

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4. “Don’t you see me now. I think I’m falling. I’m falling for you. – fallingforyou

The 1975 falling for you

5. “Yeah it’s my party, and I’ll cry to the end. You must try harder, than kissing all of my friend” — You

must try harder than kissing all of my friends - the 1975
kissing fender the 1975

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fun in doing what youre told the 1975

The emotions you feel seeing your favourite artist live.

After a morning of freaking out and you finally get the tickets.

It’s the morning of the gig, you’ve finally woken up and you remember it’s gig day.

Time to listen and prepare for what is going to be one of the greatest nights of your life.
prepare yourself for the gig

You’re at the front of the queue and your irrational fears of missing the gig begin to set in.
miss the gig

The band have been on and near the end of the set they play your favourite song.
played your favourite song

When they look you dead in the eyes and for that split second it was just you two.
shocked eyes

Sadly all great things come to an end, but the next morning never gets any easier.
next morning cry

Recording Studios in Glasgow

So you’ve rehearsed for hours in a room, with a minimum of four others. There has been fights, moments of job and worst of all… cabin fever. But finally you are ready to let the world know you exist and the product of all your hard work is ready to be laid down instrument by instrument. Then finally you can let the world hear who you are.

In no particular order I’ve picked some of Glasgow’s best recording studios:

Glasgow Music Studios:
Having already been included in our list of rehearsal studios in the Glasgow area. These guys have not only their rehearsal spaces but a full out recording studio with prices ranging from £150 – £1250, depending on how much time you want to spend in the studio perfecting your sound. They also have a standard rate of £30 per hour for recording and mixing. So if your Tina Turner vocals aren’t pitch perfect first time round you can always head back in to fix them up.

Locate, Web, Phone:
7 & 9 Osborne Street, Glasgow, G1 5QN
0141 552 0907

Carlton Studios:
Carlton who are another studio/rehearsal space combo which featured in our rehearsal spaces list. Also offer recording services. The suite is kitted out with everything you might need or want to record your first tracks. Including a dead space for vocals (when you hear yourself sing for the first time) and walnut flooring for that touch of class. They also have a highly recommended studio operator who they are convinced you will love no matter which of their previous clients you ask.

Locate, Web, Phone:
54 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TW
0141 429 5723

La Chunky:
If anything a studio has to be cool, it has to feel cool. When you walk in the doors you’ve got to want to be productive and creative, with a name like La Chunky it already feels like the kind of place where magic happens. Based out in the west end of Glasgow, you don’t just get bad ass studio but the west end life to go with it. Plus these guys have worked with some large record labels.

Locate, Web, Phone:
La Chunky Towers, Stables Yard,
1103 Argyle Street,
Glasgow, G3 8ND
07764 374 577

Riverside Music Complex:
Alongside this massive studio, that will most likely feel as if you are recording some serious material. If you’ve ever seen your favourite artist in a studio they tend to be massive and Riverside is just that. The studio is part (although situated away from) the educational programs that RMC run. If you want to pretend like you are kind of a big deal for a few days then this is the place to visit.

Locate, Web, Phone:
28 Field Road Busby Glasgow Scotland G76 8SE
0141 644 5571

45 A-Side Recordings
I’ve heard that a certain famous Scottish rock band practice near by to the studios, or more precisely next door. Having heard a few bands who’ve recorded in the studio the work coming from that mixing desk, there is definitely a touch of magic coming from that desk and seeping into the work. Based in a quiet part of Glasgow five or so minutes from the city centre. It’s the perfect studio for a get away and then party five minutes or so later to celebrate your recordings kind of place.

Locate, Web, Phone:
Unit 306, Abercromby Business Centre
279 Abercromby St, Glasgow, G40 2DD
07803 163 175

Stealth Recording Studio:
Located a little further back than 45 A-Side, this studio is based in Dalmarnock. Not a long walk from the subway station. By the looks of the place it’s the sort of studio where you go and hide. Not telling anyone what you are up to for a surprise launch. Unless you do actually just tell everyone where you are on social media anyway. (Where is the surprise in music releases these days).

Locate, Web, Phone:
NCR75, Glasgow G40, UK
0141 554 9244

Gorbals Sound:
The godfather of music studios is sort of how I would describe Gorbals Sound in a nutshell. Not the kind your are given but the kind that you earn. Serious equipment behind those closed doors. Pretty sure if you talk to anyone in the Glasgow music scene circles. If you’ve recorded in here then you either have backing or you mean business.

Locate, Web, Phone:
97 Pollokshaws Road,
Gorbals, Glasgow, G41 1PU
(0) 141 429 5434