About Us

Fishinasub was born out of a fascination with alternative music and supporting the quirky that sometimes consumes the world. We tried our best to engage in the industry and help out our own local music scene, which is by far the best in the world. I’m not biased ask any touring artists about their time in Glasgow, Scotland and they will tell you. Even if they haven’t been here yet I bet you they can’t wait for the opportunity to come and visit our grand city.

We haven’t always focused on those aspects, when a band came along through our email or if we stumbled across them we were always more than happy to support great music and the people creating.

After a long time of doing so and what felt like a longer time in a quiet period. We have decided to take the blog down a different route. Nobody is perfect and we weren’t either, that’s why sometimes you need a change of direction to freshen up your environment or support a cause you are more consumed by than previously.

We will be doing the odd music review or gig review, but when I say odd I mean it. Going to gigs though and seeing the best the world has to offer will still be at the top of out list, you never lose that unrelenting desire to be encapsulated by the moment. That could be what makes Glasgow such a great music city the people aren’t afraid to let go and enjoy themselves.

Fishinasub from now on is going to be more driven towards my first love and that is the startup business world. After spending the last year and a half working in that industry I’ve come to realise how similar both the music and startup world work.

How are they similar?

1. Perfecting your product
2. Picking your target market
3. Letting that target market know you exist
4. Attracting that market
5. Keeping that market engaged
6. Further promoting yourself via multi-channel distribution

Plus all of the other steps in-between which the blog will begin to cover in great length.

The blog will cover everything an artists could possibly need to know about starting in the music industry, surviving and keeping one step ahead of the game.

From the services that any artist needs to how they can promote themselves online. The blog is going to cover it all. Hopefully we end up with a definitive guide that any artist can follow and use to great success.

After all this time of having Fishinasub I realised only recently during my time helping out an artist myself that finding great services, how to promote an artist or where to start can be a huge challenge that I’m not surprised some artists collapse in on themselves and after some initial success seem to disappear. The usual case is simply after that hype surrounding them about being this new great artist they don’t know what to do after the fact.

There is an unending amount of help for startup businesses online so why shouldn’t there be the same help for artists in what is easily a more venomous industry

Hopefully I can report back sometime later on this year with and edit that we have had some initial success on our new path!

If you want to help out with this new path please contact us!