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  • battle lines

    Introducing: Battle Lines

    There are a small number of words in this debut song from Leeds quartet ‘Battle Lines‘, but you feel like you have already sided with front-woman Carly Humphries, in some kind of sparring of emotional and sexual indifference. It’s a big opening smacker of a […] READ MORE

  • catcusandg

    Cactus&Cardigan // Band Of The Week // 07.01.13

    Just as Cradle Of Filth effectively describes an English 6-Piece Extreme Metal band, Cactus&Cardigan employs the same effect for their brash, off the wall take on ‘Noise Rock’. What some may view as a random misnomer due to the band being made up of neither […] READ MORE

  • cleavers22

    Cleavers // Band Of The Week // 09.12.12

    According to better men than I, life is a season of good tidings, harmony for all and, on Christmas Day, hunners of Terry’s chocolate orange. According to Cleavers’ new winter 6-track album, life is shit. Hailing from the town of Elgin, (home to 25,678 citizens, […] READ MORE

  • me3

    C Duncan // Band of the Week // 02.12.12

    Hailing from the treacherously frosty parts of Glasgow. It’s our honour that we have the ridiculously talented and mysterious C Duncan as our Band of the Week. C Duncan isn’t currently gigging at the moment, which is a shame. But with the new year brings […] READ MORE

  • Queen Jane

    Queen Jane – Band of the Week – 25.11.12

    Just 9 months after their first release ‘Denver’, Queen Jane are back with another. ‘Romantics’, their new 7 tracks EP has taken the band on a different direction. Rather than a collection of the band best songs. Romantics is a clearer EP with more of […] READ MORE

  • the peach kings

    The Peach Kings // Band of the Week // 18.11.12

    The Peach Kings are Paige Wood, with her hauntingly beautiful vocals and Steven Dies’s fingers of envy. Above video ‘Lonely’, is from their recent 6 track album ‘Handsome Moves’. ‘Lonely’, is a masterpiece itself. A New York city backdrop and spectacular camera trickery. The video […] READ MORE

  • the yawns

    Band of the Week // The Yawns // 6.11.12

    The Yawns. It’s an interesting name, it’s the noise some fear. It can be a loud roar telling the household you have awakened. Or a quiet, the day is getting on, i’m bored, it’s friday lets go home. However, if The Yawns were defined as […] READ MORE