Weekend Playlist: Hey Champ, Josef Salvat and Flux Pavilion

Yes it’s that time of the week again. That feeling over takes us and we cant wait to attend various bars, clubs or just listen to some good music. This week we have tracks from Hey Champ, Josef Salvat and a monstrous new track from Flux Pavilion which will be blowing the ears off you in various places this weekend. Plus we have a new track from The 1975, ‘Chocolate, first played on Zane Low’s Radio 1 show earlier this week is from their debut album.

The 1975 – Chocolate (Radio Rip)

Post War Years – Glass House

I think it might end up being a music video week for me. Keep finding so many great bands and some brilliant videos.

This one as titled, is by a band called Post War Years. The track is called Glass House. Involves some nasty looking clowns.

Post War Years are a london band, they are releasing a new EP produced by James Rutledge (MGMT, Grizzly Bear). Due July 16th via Chess Club/Sony.
There is certainly a feeling for whats floating around at the moment. Its some good stuff!

Finger Tips : Haim, Churches, Secret Motorbikes

First up its LA sisters Haim who are cutting lines between classic rock and R&B with some interesting outcomes.

There song ‘Better off’ is a belter.

Next up is Churches, who despite being secretive about what they have been up to, have managed to be featured on NME and played on BBC Introducing. Check out there song ‘Lies’.

Thirdly is a band i recently seen called Secret Motorbikes, with there can do dont care attitude its the perfect set up for some eargasmic tunes.

To finish up we have the almighty Futures. No matter what these lads do they always seem to produce something massive.

The Rise Of Synths. Little Victories.

With the the rise of Discopolis last year and with them going from strength to strength. Is this the almighty rise of the synth-pop band? Are we heading backwards? It’s not necessarily a bad thing as there is room for everyone in the world.

After LMFAO’s what can only be described as super tune “Party Rock Anthem”. Which now has over 400 million views. There was sure to be rise in groups like LMFAO replicating this.

However this band are nothing like any of that, which is brilliant. From the moment i heard this song i thought to myself “Song for the Summer”. It looks like it could be heading that way. I can see it now, sun blazing, windows down, blasting some Little Victories. If this is the kind of music this band produces we are certainly looking forward to an album? Please?

If you have not planned to go see this band yet then get them pencilled in… now. Do it.

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