Listen: Harts – The Music


A Friday song through and through, funk’d out synth and a rolling bass line. DAMN, ‘Everybody got time for that’. Harts had this to say about the track, “The Music is a song about not conforming to trends. It is about questioning why you actually like something as opposed to liking something just because it is popular. It’s a song about sticking to my own beliefs and not worrying about what is happening around me.”

Listen: The 1975 – Chocolate

‘Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record on the Planet’. Ok, you have my attention.

The 1975 have cracked the case again with another jangly-come-stadium filler. ‘Chocolate’, the lead single off their 3rd EP; Music for Cars, which is the final EP in a trilogy of releases prior to their hotly anticipated album.

‘Chocolate’ encompasses The 1975’s sound. It highlights the bands sharp pop swagger and pounding beats that just get you nodding your head instantly. They’re proving to be the hottest property in the UK at the minute and with songs like this it’s hard to disagree.

Their final EP is released on the 3rd March this year on Dirty Hit records. I don’t need to tell you to buy it because I know you will.

Weekend Playlist: Hey Champ, Josef Salvat and Flux Pavilion

Yes it’s that time of the week again. That feeling over takes us and we cant wait to attend various bars, clubs or just listen to some good music. This week we have tracks from Hey Champ, Josef Salvat and a monstrous new track from Flux Pavilion which will be blowing the ears off you in various places this weekend. Plus we have a new track from The 1975, ‘Chocolate, first played on Zane Low’s Radio 1 show earlier this week is from their debut album.

The 1975 – Chocolate (Radio Rip)

Introducing Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is a collective that works with different vocalists. Main instruments come from Jon Wandeck (Bass, Saxophone, One deck), Luke Patterson (Drums) and The Chatto Quartet. Recently gaining some momentum after Radio 1 put a rocket up their rear end, thanks to some airtime. With classical beginnings that then makes its way through the space-time continuum to add in a bit of something electronic. It’s a good mash up of genres that they describe as ‘Classico-electronical doghouse’. When you first listen to A&E it will most definitely shock you, in a good way. The video includes a giant gold snake that makes its way through London and slithers up a building, some exceptionally good CGI involved.

ON AN ON – The Hunter – “Hulk like strength”

The Chicago based trio ON AN ON are back. After their hugely successful first single ‘Ghost’, which saw ON AN ON reach the highly coveted HypeM #1 spot. ‘The Hunter’ is the perfect mix of angelic like synth, perfectly harmonised vocals and bass and drums with Hulk like strength. It’s no surprise why ON AN ON have come out of nowhere to do so well. Debut album ‘Give In’ is due for release this January. If you are looking for a one’s to watch next year, ON AN ON are that.

Check out also this preview of ‘Give In’.

The 1975 – Sex (EP) Review

You would have had to be buried under a very heavy rock to not have heard of The 1975 by now. The Manchester quartet are possibly the hottest piece of property in the UK music scene right now and their ‘Sex’ EP is testament to why this is.

It starts with the bass/beat heavy dance number Intro/Set 3. With pounding and electronic vocals and other synth noises buzzing around it grabs your attention instantaneously and you know you’re in for quite a ride.

Second track Undo is a slow moving ballad, led by a plucky guitar and a smoother than chocolate vocal. It effortlessly has an anthemic chorus without having any huge crescendos. I can’t sing this bands praises loud enough, they’ve got such a unique sound that it needs to be heard to be believed and believe me, you’ll love it too.

The third track is the lead and title track; Sex. If you’ve been aware of The 1975 before they even were The 1975 you’ll have head Sex before. Even still, a year on, the song remains catchy as ever. There are hooks all over the place in this song, my favourite being; ‘She’s got a boyfriend anyway’, instant hook. It’s a true pop/rock song with a vocal that pierces right through you in the best possible way. This is the song that will get the festival crowds jumping and the big label representatives nodding.

Final track is entitled You, begins with stadium sized guitar noises and then the indie/plunky guitar enters and everything becomes very ‘1975-esque’ again. This song perhaps allows comparisons with Kings of Leon with the way the song progresses but this is in no way a bad thing. It’s a perfect end to this EP, it’s mellow and yet aggressively delivered, it’s moody and passionate; it’s great.

The 1975 are onto something huge and this EP should be a stepping stone in the right direction to fame. And by fame I mean, huge fame. If any band deserves it, it’s these guys, they’ve created the buzz, they’ve built the fan base, they’ve released music slowly but surely and captured the interest of thousands; it’s time millions heard this and I’m sure, in time, they will.