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  • Nick-Cave-&-The-Bad-Seeds

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Push the Sky Away”

    “Push the Sky Away” is the fifteenth studio album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Fifteen studio albums and a few side projects later, Cave proves he can still deliver a great album. The album is somewhat confrontational with subtle experimentalism and song writing […] READ MORE

  • 400

    Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner

    Atoms For Peace the side project of Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich of Radiohead have released this stunning atmospheric, bone chilling, track/video ‘Judge Jury and Executioner’. Clearly both Thom and Nigel together are an unstoppable force. READ MORE

  • catcusandg

    Cactus&Cardigan // Band Of The Week // 07.01.13

    Just as Cradle Of Filth effectively describes an English 6-Piece Extreme Metal band, Cactus&Cardigan employs the same effect for their brash, off the wall take on ‘Noise Rock’. What some may view as a random misnomer due to the band being made up of neither […] READ MORE

  • HABU

    Review: Hiva Oa – Badger / Urban

    Electrical and chemistry changes are telling your brain to try and process ‘Badger’ but let yourself immerse in it. I haven’t heard many artists taking the opposite direction from shoegaze, lo-fi pop this year, Hiva Oa certainly have. It feels like ‘Badger’ was conjured up […] READ MORE

  • ava

    Angels & Airwaves – Diary

    Brand new Angels & Airwaves? Give me a second to change my underpants. By the looks of things Mr Tom Delonge has been hard at work with not only Blink 182 but Angels & Airwaves and let me be the first to say that I’m […] READ MORE

  • Inca Gold fishinasub

    Inca Gold – Atom

    The London four-piece who are currently recording their debut album, sent the track to FatCat Records who instead of leaving it on their demo pile, decided to share it. ‘Atom’ is a dreamy/dark-pop track with heavenly reverb. It has an almost dark nature which is […] READ MORE

  • fw fishinasub

    Freelance Whales: The Happiest Band You Will Ever Listen To.

    Pointed towards a band named Freelance Whales by a friend who described his affection towards them as ‘manic’ and that they were ‘all he’d been listening to’. These bold statements led me to give them a listen. The outcome? Constant smile. Having just released their […] READ MORE