5 Songs Your Cat Listens To Whilst You’re Out

Ever wonder what your cat gets up to when you leave your house to go to work? Or go out to pick up some messages? Or how about when you go out for a “quiet drink” that turns into a two day bender? If you think your cat just lazes about and plays with the piece of string you’ve left him/her then you’re wrong. Your cat plugs in its Dre Beats and listens to its favourite tunes. Here’s the 5 songs your cat definitely listens to when you’re away.

1. Prince – I Would Die 4 U

Your cat digs the Purple One. He digs 80’s pop more than your gran likes making soup. Don’t let the song title fool you either, your cat wouldn’t die for you personally, Prince on the other hand…


2. U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Bet you didn’t know that your cat’s a bit of a philanthropist like Bono. Your cat loves supporting charities, wearing stupid sunglasses and using an excessive amount of effect pedals. When your cat listens to this song, he’s thinking about one thing; where you’ve put the cat treats.


3. Tegan & Sara ft The Lonely Island – Everything is AWESOME!!!

Your cat’s life is pretty awesome and he’s got a song to compliment it. He gets to sleep when you’re working, he gets fed and you have to pick up his waste product. Your cat’s winning.


4. Michael Buble – I Got It Easy

Your cat loves a little bit of Buble and your cat’s got it easy. Very easy. He’ll run about for a solid 5 minutes and then take a little 3 hour rest because he’s tuckered himself out. It’s cool though because when he wakes up he’s getting fed.


5. Coldplay – Viva La Vida

You might not know this but your cat has plans to rule the world one day and this is his jam to get himself pumped up about it. He’s going to conquer mountains, eat cat food out of the queens crown, sit in on meetings with Barack Obama and probably stop the war that’s brewing in Russia. The only problem is is that you’ve locked him in.


(*Your cat might be female, if so change all the he’s and his’s to her and her’s*)

It’s hard to take finding out that your cat has a better music taste than you.

Think your cat listens to something different? Tell us!

5 Songs to Soundtrack Your First Space Adventure

With the prospect of space travel for average human beings becoming a real possibility in the near future, we here at Fish in a Sub thought to ourselves about what songs would accompany a persons first space adventure. I’ve compiled a list of songs that I’d like to soundtrack my first time in space;

1. Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure.

Literally the first song that came to mind when space was mentioned. From it’s epic, crescendoing intro right down to its reverb soaked lead line the song just screams space adventure (not to mention that it’s basically in the name). An easy pick.


2. The Unwinding Hours – Break

I can imagine this song beginning straight after the countdown; 3, 2, 1, blast off. With it’s big drum beat and wondrous vibe, it’s the perfect song to get your mind wandering and get you thinking about what might actually be out there.


3. Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down

So you’ve made it. You’re tumbling through space and realising how impossibly small you are compared to the gigantic universe that you live in. You’re starting to realise that there’s so much you don’t know and how your brain can’t even comprehend just how incredibly big the galaxy is. This song captures that idea for me. It’s chilled out and has the ability to take you away from the place you’re in for three minutes. Space so big, me so small.


4. Kensington – Streets

You’ve started to realise that you don’t belong in space any longer and that it’s time to go home. You need a boost. This song will give you the slap in the face that you desperately need. It’ll lift your spirits and get you excited to head for home. It’ll make you realise that the street that you live in is basically just a vein in the Earth and is equally as important as anywhere in the world.

5. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

You’re on your way home. The space shuttle is barrelling towards earth at an unimaginable speed and you need some confidence for the landing. Jimmy Eat World provide the song for this moment, sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride but it’s going to look cool and after your feet touch the concrete you’ll feel invincible. You’ve just seen things people only read about in books or see on television. You’ve lived it and had it soundtracked by some seriously kick-ass tunes.


That’s my list done but if you think you can do a better one then leave a comment. Everyone will have a different idea of what their first space adventure will be like and I’d like to think that these would be the songs that would take me there and back safely.

Why Musicians Need a Website

I recently started working at Pretty Klicks, a digital agency in Edinburgh and I’ve learned a tonne about websites and how to fully utilise them. Putting a website into the right person’s hands can be dangerous, in a good way, throw in a little passion and you have got the recipe for success. Sure there may be a bunch to learn and take in with getting your head around a content management system and a few plugins but once that is over a website will practically run itself and expose you as a musician.

If you are an artists or musician or some way involved in the music industry you need a website. Artists have every social media profile under the sun, yet they don’t even have a website? What is that all about…

From my perspective of being a new addition to the Edinburgh digital industry, websites are important, a lot of businesses use a website to expose their brand and open up a revenue stream online. From an artists perspective, you are a business that produces a product. I’m generalising here and I’m sure some pin backed nose crowd member will disagree. But if you want to take your career seriously and make a dent in the music industry you need a website. Use them as a springboard to broadcast what you are, who you are, use it to promote your work, there is no shame in marketing or selling. Stylise and brand that site according to your band. Think about it, having a site can mean you get all the money from downloads and ticket sales… no third party taking a nice little chunk of the change.

If you are serious about getting a site, do it right. Read up on getting a nice WordPress theme, grab your token tech friend and get them to set it up for you. Stick in a logo and tell him to add a couple of plugins for digital downloads, newsletter and Songkick for promoting tours on multiple platforms, all you have to do is upload a tour date and it publishes it to everywhere, Soundcloud, Spotify even your WordPress site. Doesn’t get much better, honestly.

Try and have some kind of brand guidelines that you can follow for the site and your overall image, media and public representation it’s important not to confuse people. Coca-Cola don’t use a different version of their name in every advert do they? That is because you want people to associate a certain style or logo and colour palette with their brand.

The search engine conundrum, daunting maybe, get that tech friend to set up a handy SEO plugin, fill out the text boxes on the plugin page and you are in a small way on the right path to allowing people to find you on Google. When people search for you exactly they should be able to find you easily, maybe only in a proper mess up have you made it unable for Google or other search engines to identify you. Plus when you get exposure for your band and blogs link back to your site, that is what’s called a backlink, which Google and other search engines like.

Domain names, for example fishinasub.com, we got lucky and the .com was available but really for bands .co.uk, .net are all fine examples if you did get signed to a label they would no doubt contact the parties who own the good domain names asking to purchase them or seek legal aid to attain them. Don’t worry if a .com isn’t available, try and get creative adding words after the band name like ‘musicianband.com’ or ‘musician-band.com’, I used the hyphen as an example but ideally try and avoid things like that. You want to make it the simplest process for people to find you.

A website is good because you can track where people are going on the site, what they are up to on the site and you can update the content on the site accordingly. If a bunch of your traffic likes looking at the images page then you know where to focus your attention. You can also host competitions, give away things, normally imagination is the only limiting factor for websites, be creative as possible and I am sure there is someone out there who could implement it for you or even check and make sure there isn’t a plugin for it already.

Keep in mind that a website for a musician or artists is a portfolio and it will showcase everything you have done so far. Updating it with new songs, press links and videos, these can draw people to your site and keep them coming back and checking to see what you are up to. Having it all in the one place is great for you as a musician and for your fans.

In summary… get a website.

I didn’t want to get too deep into it, but I may have. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email us!

Listen: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead

I will be honest with you I have never listened to Black Sabbath before now and as open as I am to listening and trying anything new once, the last thing I expected was to be now just into Black Sabbath. Who have been playing together a lot longer than I have been alive.

Is that not one of the charming characteristics of music? No matter how old you are or how old they are when it comes to music that whole age thing doesn’t really play a deciding factor.

Anyway, I got a first listen to this track a couple of weeks back although it was released on the 19th of April I was a little late on catching up. For a song that is almost 9 minutes long it sure doesn’t play like one. Usually with my short attention span I prefer 3-4 minutes for a song. However, ‘God Is Dead’ actually plays like 4 songs blended together like some fine aged whiskey. Even when it gets to the end you still want more. I’m sure from the decades the band have been together they have had time to perfect their dark craft.

The band has also released their new album ‘13‘, which hit all shops today. ‘13‘ saw original Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iommi and Geezer Butler reunite for the first time in three decades. For a taste of the album be sure to listen to ‘God Is Dead’ above and decide if it’s one for the wish list or immediate download.

5 Reasons Jack White is More Awesome Than You

1. Have you heard his latest album ‘Blunderbuss‘? Buy it and you will know why it’s reason number 1!


2. He isn’t just crazy talented, he is mindful of the world around him and charitable. He recently donated $142,000 (£92,798) to his hometown venue the Detroit Masonic Temple to allow them to pay off their back taxes and remain open. Due to this generosity it’s now being named after him. (Via NME)

3. He was The White Stripes.


4. He own’s the coolest music store in the world, Third Man Records. They even have a vinyl record recorder which is apparently the only one in the world.

5. Always ask for pictures of him. Don’t laugh and take them behind his back or this will be his response.


Win tickets to see AlunaGeorge as part of VEVO Go Shows with Lucozade Energy

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AlunaGeorge are a duo from London, Aluna Francis who is the main vocalist of the duo has had her vocals described as "sugar sweet". George Reid lays down the beats of futuristic pop meets R&B. They first met when George remixed Aluna's first dip into the music industry, My Toys Like Me's tracks 'Sweetheart' in June 2009. And as they say the rest was history. 

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Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Damage’

You may have heard of Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy Eat World formed in 1993 and came to prominence in 2001 with their album ‘Bleed American’, particularly the single ‘The Middle’, which I believe was bordering on massive. For the benefit of those who are sketchy on the details (oh ok, me), Jimmy Eat World consists of James Adkins (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar), Tom Linton (Rhythm Guitar), Zach Lind (Drums) and Rick Burch (Bass).

Anyway, back to the subject at hand… Jimmy Eat World are set to release ‘Damage’ on 10th June of this year.

‘Damage’ is Jimmy’s eighth studio album. It consists of ten tracks and was recorded in the house of the album’s engineer/producer, Alain Johannes. ‘Damage’ will be available on cd, vinyl or to download. The lead single from ‘Damage’ was released in April and is called ‘I Will Steal You Back’. The video for this seems to be an on the road video, coupled with some live footage of the band. The song itself is quite reflective sounding, there’s certainly a more mature sound than I remember from ‘Bleed American’ (the song) and ‘The Middle’. This is something that Adkins had hinted at in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he suggested that as a 37 year old (he doesn’t look like a man three years shy of forty), he has a different perspective and that the world is a different place compared to when he was writing songs in the earlier years of the band. Adkins promised that Damage still had Jimmy Eat World’s energy. This is something I could probably echo having listened to ‘I Will Steal You Back’ as there’s certainly a tasty wee riff in there and it’s definitely a Jimmy Eat World song, which I’m sure will please their fans. If this is the lead single, it does bode well for the album.

jimmyeatworld2‘Damage’ kicks off with ‘Appreciation’. I really love the guitar parts at the start of this song it really gets you hooked. It’s really simple sounding, but effective. Again this song seems to echo quite a mature sound, it sounds like a breakup song… but without being sombre or morose. I think the chorus of ‘Appreciation’ is a lighters/mobile phones in the air affair… very lovely way to start an album. Having heard two songs (albeit in a strange order) I’m questioning myself for not listening to Jimmy Eat World a lot more previously. The titular song of the album ‘Damage’ is second on the album and despite not being of a slower tempo than ‘Appreciation’, it seems to have a more relaxed sound. There’s a chance that some of you will have already heard ‘Damage’, it was released on an E.P for World Record Store Day in April. ‘Damage’ manages to be relaxed sounding, but have a catchy chorus. ‘Lean’ is the third offering, for me it feels like it would fit perfectly on the soundtrack for Teachers. Teachers had one of the best soundtracks (if not the best soundtrack) of any TV programme of the noughties for me. This song has that vibe. I absolutely love the guitar solo in this song. Much the same is the first two tracks and the single, I am seriously questioning why I haven’t been listening more to Jimmy. Following ‘Lean’ is ‘Book Of Love’. This is not a cover of ABC’s 80s classic, much to my surprise, but that’s mainly because ABC’s song is called ‘Look Of Love’ (apparently). I don’t know if it’s the acoustic guitars or something else, but there’s a folksy feel to this song. It remains a pretty chilled vibe, it’s also very much less cheesy than ABC’s poorly named ‘Look Of Love’ (which I now love!). I say the song is chilled, but I also found the song quite serious… particularly as it neared its conclusion. The half way mark (fifth out of ten songs) is marked by ‘I Will Steal You Back’, which we’ve already talked about… well worth a listen.

‘Please Say No’ kicks off the second half of the album. This is a pretty slow affair, with the title forming the basis of the chorus (with some lovely ah’s thrown in). Again it’s pretty serious sounding, a further indication of the more mature sound that Adkins has hinted at. It may be that Jimmy Eat World’s sound has evolved to suit not only their own advancing years, but also their fan base getting older. I found this song pretty sad, it’s the first song on the album that’s lowered my mood a little… despite being of a similar disposition to the rest of the album (so far) and maybe I’m not a robot after all. ‘How’d You Have Me’ is a return to some lovely electric sounds. It’s probably the most up-tempo song on the album so far, it’s pretty punchy and that may well be the energy that Adkins hinted at. This might be the song that the casual listener/ignorant swine like myself might resonate with as of being of a Jimmy Eat World sound. It’s probably the closest on the album to the songs I know. ‘No, Never’ kicks off with some beats on the drum and is also pretty punchy, building to a cracking chorus. ‘No, Never’ had me bouncing my head and tapping my toes along.

The penultimate song on ‘Damage’ is ‘Byebyelove’. It seems to be a return to the slower songs, but this is no bad thing. ‘Byebyelove’ is a borderline power ballad, without the over the top frivolity that power ballads in the classic sense can offer. If someone’s not already christened songs as such, I’d quite like to state that ‘Byebyelove’ is the power ballad template for this decade. The album finishes up with You Were Good and it’s a fantastic way to finish this album. It meets the chilled vibe of the majority of the album, but with a cheeky bit of energy injected into the guitar part. Although this seems like a break-up song of sorts, it does not feel bitter or angry about it at all.

‘Damage’ certainly is a mature sounding album throughout. Generally there is a pretty relaxed vibe throughout the songs, with a couple of energetic bursts throughout. I enjoyed this album; however feel it lacked some more up-tempo songs. My highlights were ‘No, Never’ and ‘How’d You Have Me’… which were the more energetic and punchy efforts. I’d certainly recommend you give the album a listen from start to finish, I’m sure most Jimmy Eat World fans will love it. If anything I’ve now been prompted to go and have a proper listen to the band’s back catalogue. ‘Damage’, overall is a relaxed album with some bursts of energy left. It shows that despite being their eighth album, there is still life in Jimmy Eat World yet.

Buy ‘Damage’ Here

Listen to ‘Damage’ in full below: