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  • website-fishinasub

    Why Musicians Need a Website

    I recently started working at Pretty Klicks, a digital agency in Edinburgh and I’ve learned a tonne about websites and how to fully utilise them. Putting a website into the right person’s hands can be dangerous, in a good way, throw in a little passion […] READ MORE

  • Black-Sabbath-fishinasub

    Listen: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead

    I will be honest with you I have never listened to Black Sabbath before now and as open as I am to listening and trying anything new once, the last thing I expected was to be now just into Black Sabbath. Who have been playing […] READ MORE

  • jack-white-fishinasub

    5 Reasons Jack White is More Awesome Than You

    1. Have you heard his latest album ‘Blunderbuss‘? Buy it and you will know why it’s reason number 1! 2. He isn’t just crazy talented, he is mindful of the world around him and charitable. He recently donated $142,000 (£92,798) to his hometown venue the […] READ MORE

  • alunageorge

    Win tickets to see AlunaGeorge as part of VEVO Go Shows with Lucozade Energy

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lucozade Energy for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. If you are unfamiliar with who AlunaGeorge are there recent collaboration with the Disclosure duo for track 'White Noise' is maybe where you remember hearing […] READ MORE

  • jimmyeatworlddamage

    Album Review: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Damage’

    You may have heard of Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy Eat World formed in 1993 and came to prominence in 2001 with their album ‘Bleed American’, particularly the single ‘The Middle’, which I believe was bordering on massive. For the benefit of those who are sketchy […] READ MORE

  • MMX-fishinasub

    Listen: MMX – Ritual

    If you are a fan of White Lies crossed with a bit more computer input/output then you should definitely have a new obsession with MMX. A more tasteful art-filled approach than the White Lies, the deep rich bass with not as much pop structure is […] READ MORE

  • Deap Vally Fish In A Sub

    Watch: Deap Vally – Baby I Call Hell

    Dirty sweaty sexy rock sells, the image obsessed world falls right into the traps set out by sometimes wizard like marketing geniuses. If major labels spent less on analysing trends to pick the right artists for said current trend(s), the world of music would probably […] READ MORE