The 1975 – Facedown (EP Review)

I’ve covered The 1975 before, hailing them as the masters of buzz creating and on the 1st of August they released their debut EP, something that has had people dripping in sweat with anticipation, including me. The question is, was it worth the wait?

First track, aptly titled ‘Facedown’ is like a pre-song interlude. It’s full of swaying synthesizers and heavily effected vocals. The track is spacey and starts the EP off tremendously, you really can’t place the sound which is quite the feat.

Next up comes the well known ‘The City’. This is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. The lead vocalist has a voice that goes straight through you, you honestly can’t get enough of it. This track is the catchiest and most anthemic on the EP by a distance, it packs everything; powerful beats, rolling bass, reverberant guitars and sweeping synthesizers coupled with big pop hooks. Perfect.

‘Antichrist’ is reminiscent of a sermon. In the way that the song is delivered, it’s powerful, it’s slow, it’s grand. The drums and bass really glue this track together and keep it rolling along. You can almost imagine this track being sang by one hundred choirs, it’s a really beautiful track.

Final track ‘Woman’ keeps to the same formula. Distant guitar and vocal sounds that mix deliciously. This track succeeds in being perfectly endearing and sweet and sincere. This band are destined for big things, hopefully their label Dirty Hit keep them going for as along as possible and get them to the places they deserve to be.

‘Facedown’ was one of the most hyped EP’s I’d ever heard of, and for very good reason, it’s successfully surpassed my expectations and much more. Get it on Itunes, get it now, turn off the lights and let this band take away your troubles and anxieties for 14 minutes.

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