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  • PAWS1

    Albums of 2012 – ‘Cokefloat’ by PAWS

    ‘Trust your first instincts’ they say, however when trying to think of my favourite album of the year, that is fast closing in on us, I really did struggle to think of any at all to pick. I suppose part of the reason could be […] READ MORE

  • HS

    Introducing Honeyslide

    Honeyslide are a London based trio consisting of Meytal, Josh and Moses. They also very recently signed to Critical Heights. Shoegaze, lo-fi pop Honeyslide are ones to watch in 2013, simply because 2012 was only their birthing and all great things take time. Check out […] READ MORE

  • Lady Guilt

    Introducing Lady Guilt

    Lady Guilt have zero information about them online. All i can tell you is they have a lady singer, a SoundCloud account and a Facebook account. It’s really all you need at the moment to get musical projects going and get a few gigs booked. […] READ MORE

  • SocialNetworkSndtrk

    Where Credit is Due: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

    Who are these guys? Have I just plucked two random names out of the world of music and decided to give them high praise? Sort of. These two fellas are responsible for scoring one of my favourite films of all time; The Social Network. The movie itself […] READ MORE

  • PAWS Sore Tummy fishinasub


    It’s that post of the day when i get to be a very big fan girl and scream at the top of my lungs. In the run up to the release of the highly anticipated ‘Cokefloat’ (Im not the only excited one). PAWS previously released […] READ MORE

  • lazyeyes fishinasub

    Lazyeyes – Hardly Rough

    These two songs may be a Rough Demo. They are for sure a million miles away from that. Weight and Nostalgia (my favourite of the two), are not short of quirky hooks, smooth and perfect harmonies. Catchy stuff. The band describe it as Surfgaze. From […] READ MORE

  • Dirty Projectors fish in a sub

    Dirty Projectors – Buckle Up

    It may only be 1 minute 46 seconds, but its all there and its all good. The old rock sound is kicking about just now and we love it. Can a really loud guitar be beaten? I didn’t think so. Since the song is so […] READ MORE