Albums of 2012 – ‘Cokefloat’ by PAWS

‘Trust your first instincts’ they say, however when trying to think of my favourite album of the year, that is fast closing in on us, I really did struggle to think of any at all to pick.

I suppose part of the reason could be pinned on the disposable nature of buying music in the digital stratosphere we find ourselves currently in, coupled with my current income which after paying rent and bills I would rather fritter on a crate of beer than a collection of songs (I know, a shocking admittal from an amateur music writer.). At least you know what you are getting with the previous.

The important aspect of my current purchasing clime is that I find myself to be rather picky due simply to the fact that as a music lover living in the 21st century we can take and choose from albums from many bands in the mesh networks vast CD rack. One such band that led me on a journey from two tracks, to three, then four, and finally giving up to consume the entire piece of work, was Cokefloat by Paws.

Paws are a three piece from a plethora of Scottish towns including the ever popular Glasgow and less so Tain. It was here that they first jammed out a bunch of notes before being let down by a generator powering the hard working backdrop for their guitars. Luckily they didn’t give up, and their debut full legnth offering, in my opinion, is a triumph of lyrical and melodic content.

It isn’t by any means ironed out and rightly so. These stories led by singer and guitarist, Philip, deserve to be belted out with such audacious passion. Notable songs such as ‘Homecoming’, a stern note to a former youthful friend with the headline that he deserved the pipe to the face he took, or ‘Bloodline’ paying acknowledgement to unfortunate illnesses amongst loved ones, really paint wonderful pictures that display a blissful contrast to their lo-fi musical simplicity.

It may help that I have been lucky enough to see these fine chaps live and can feel the upbeat of every note thanks to the memory of an engaging and energetic thirty minutes; however every track really resonates with me and it sits happily everywhere from being stuck on an iPod dock at a house party to being played in my parents car.

If you, like me, struggle occasionally to buy a full LP for whichever reason that may be, then do yourself a favour and click on to the world wide web and find yourself a 79p rendition of ‘Jellyfish’ by the band (That’s even cheaper than most places you’ll grab a vodka coke!). Simple chords, simple story (from what I can gather) and a simple melody but cranked up to the 6th gear with an endearing urgency and distorted vocal that really makes Paws, Paws.

Introducing Honeyslide

Honeyslide are a London based trio consisting of Meytal, Josh and Moses. They also very recently signed to Critical Heights. Shoegaze, lo-fi pop Honeyslide are ones to watch in 2013, simply because 2012 was only their birthing and all great things take time.

Check out there social feeds:

You could also check out: Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea

Introducing Lady Guilt

Lady Guilt have zero information about them online. All i can tell you is they have a lady singer, a SoundCloud account and a Facebook account. It’s really all you need at the moment to get musical projects going and get a few gigs booked. Just emerging on the big bad internet this week and having just one track out. Golden Tongue is your riff-rock dosage that is needed most days. Its rough and ready, if you listen carefully you can even hear the computerised metronome at the end. So i’m guessing it was a self recorded track. Looking forward to hearing some more tracks soon and hopefully a gig.

Where Credit is Due: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Who are these guys? Have I just plucked two random names out of the world of music and decided to give them high praise? Sort of.

These two fellas are responsible for scoring one of my favourite films of all time; The Social Network. The movie itself tells the story of how Facebook (what’s that eh?) came to be and the legal battles that ensued over its rightful owners, the movie in itself is a landmark in cinematography but what really made me fall in love with it was it’s musical score.

Trent Reznor, initially the vocalist for industrial rock back Nine Inch Nails and his fellow composing friend Atticus Ross (who helped produce certain NIN albums) are the creative minds behind the eerie collaborations that back the movie. It’s not often that I’ll go out my way to seek the musical score of a movie and then add it to my playlists but the music in The Social Network was just a different class. The main track entitled ‘Hand Covers Bruise’ is the intro track that makes various different appearances throughout the movie and is by far the most iconic. It sets an almost dark tone to a movie which isn’t necessarily “dark”, the plunky piano melody and underlying atonal sounds really softly set the tone for the entire movie, quite a feat for music. To highlight how highly praised the music was in this movie it won 9 academy awards, yes the score for this tremendous movie won 9 awards, not the movie itself. Outstanding.

The music really carries the movie, it correctly corresponds with every movement the movie makes, scene for scene, encapsulating the ominous undertones and really highlighting the simplicity of Zuckerbergs inner thinkings. There are few movies where the soundtrack is actually released for the public to listen to/buy, this is one of them. Quite an accomplishment. If you haven’t seen The Social Network, I strongly advise you amend this and whilst doing so, really tune into the majesty that is the underlying score.

In Motion from the movie.


It’s that post of the day when i get to be a very big fan girl and scream at the top of my lungs.

In the run up to the release of the highly anticipated ‘Cokefloat’ (Im not the only excited one). PAWS previously released Jellyfish/Bloodline. Which was an excellent indicator of FatCat Records decision to sign the band in the first place. Good job FatCat team. Keep up the good work.

Detracting from the point of this post…

What im really meant to be discussing is the speaker blessing tracks ‘Sore Tummy’ and ‘Salem’
Sore Tummy includes guest vocals by Alice Costelloe of Big Deal.
Salem has all your PAWS needs. Its a slower pace. But just as PAWSfully delightful.

Cokefloat is out on the 8th of October. Fill your boots here.

You can catch them in a city near you.

Oct 4th – CCA, Glasgow – ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY
Oct 11th – Bodega Social Club – Nottingham
Oct 12th – Sound & Vision festival – Norwich (Artrocker Stage)
Oct 13th – The Hop – Wakefield (with Johnny Foreigner)
Oct 15th – Three Blind Tigers – Brighton
Oct 16th – Shacklewell Arms – London – ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY
Oct 18th – Start The Bus – Bristol
Oct 19th – The Castle Hotel – Manchester
Oct 20th – Gathering Festival – Oxford

Lazyeyes – Hardly Rough

These two songs may be a Rough Demo. They are for sure a million miles away from that.

Weight and Nostalgia (my favourite of the two), are not short of quirky hooks, smooth and perfect harmonies. Catchy stuff. The band describe it as Surfgaze.

From Brooklyn, New York. They consists of Jason Abrishami (former The Twees front man), Alex Tararaka and Paul Frank Volpe.
Lets hope when they hit the studio more music like this gets rammed through some recording programs. Then out pop some tracked sunshine. Get the factor 50 out its going to be some hot stuff. Dont forget the UV protection.

You can download both songs for free.