5 reasons to fall in love with Taylor Swift


With her dating background, chances are she’ll pick you up first.


She’ll laugh at your terrible jokes. 


Damn right she won’t be afraid to tell you how it is.


Even her screams will sound like she’s breaking into song


Finally when the relationship gets to that point. You both won’t mind trying new things.


5 Songs Your Cat Listens To Whilst You’re Out

Ever wonder what your cat gets up to when you leave your house to go to work? Or go out to pick up some messages? Or how about when you go out for a “quiet drink” that turns into a two day bender? If you think your cat just lazes about and plays with the piece of string you’ve left him/her then you’re wrong. Your cat plugs in its Dre Beats and listens to its favourite tunes. Here’s the 5 songs your cat definitely listens to when you’re away.

1. Prince – I Would Die 4 U

Your cat digs the Purple One. He digs 80’s pop more than your gran likes making soup. Don’t let the song title fool you either, your cat wouldn’t die for you personally, Prince on the other hand…


2. U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Bet you didn’t know that your cat’s a bit of a philanthropist like Bono. Your cat loves supporting charities, wearing stupid sunglasses and using an excessive amount of effect pedals. When your cat listens to this song, he’s thinking about one thing; where you’ve put the cat treats.


3. Tegan & Sara ft The Lonely Island – Everything is AWESOME!!!

Your cat’s life is pretty awesome and he’s got a song to compliment it. He gets to sleep when you’re working, he gets fed and you have to pick up his waste product. Your cat’s winning.


4. Michael Buble – I Got It Easy

Your cat loves a little bit of Buble and your cat’s got it easy. Very easy. He’ll run about for a solid 5 minutes and then take a little 3 hour rest because he’s tuckered himself out. It’s cool though because when he wakes up he’s getting fed.


5. Coldplay – Viva La Vida

You might not know this but your cat has plans to rule the world one day and this is his jam to get himself pumped up about it. He’s going to conquer mountains, eat cat food out of the queens crown, sit in on meetings with Barack Obama and probably stop the war that’s brewing in Russia. The only problem is is that you’ve locked him in.


(*Your cat might be female, if so change all the he’s and his’s to her and her’s*)

It’s hard to take finding out that your cat has a better music taste than you.

Think your cat listens to something different? Tell us!

5 Songs to Soundtrack Your First Space Adventure

With the prospect of space travel for average human beings becoming a real possibility in the near future, we here at Fish in a Sub thought to ourselves about what songs would accompany a persons first space adventure. I’ve compiled a list of songs that I’d like to soundtrack my first time in space;

1. Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure.

Literally the first song that came to mind when space was mentioned. From it’s epic, crescendoing intro right down to its reverb soaked lead line the song just screams space adventure (not to mention that it’s basically in the name). An easy pick.


2. The Unwinding Hours – Break

I can imagine this song beginning straight after the countdown; 3, 2, 1, blast off. With it’s big drum beat and wondrous vibe, it’s the perfect song to get your mind wandering and get you thinking about what might actually be out there.


3. Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down

So you’ve made it. You’re tumbling through space and realising how impossibly small you are compared to the gigantic universe that you live in. You’re starting to realise that there’s so much you don’t know and how your brain can’t even comprehend just how incredibly big the galaxy is. This song captures that idea for me. It’s chilled out and has the ability to take you away from the place you’re in for three minutes. Space so big, me so small.


4. Kensington – Streets

You’ve started to realise that you don’t belong in space any longer and that it’s time to go home. You need a boost. This song will give you the slap in the face that you desperately need. It’ll lift your spirits and get you excited to head for home. It’ll make you realise that the street that you live in is basically just a vein in the Earth and is equally as important as anywhere in the world.

5. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

You’re on your way home. The space shuttle is barrelling towards earth at an unimaginable speed and you need some confidence for the landing. Jimmy Eat World provide the song for this moment, sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride but it’s going to look cool and after your feet touch the concrete you’ll feel invincible. You’ve just seen things people only read about in books or see on television. You’ve lived it and had it soundtracked by some seriously kick-ass tunes.


That’s my list done but if you think you can do a better one then leave a comment. Everyone will have a different idea of what their first space adventure will be like and I’d like to think that these would be the songs that would take me there and back safely.

Albums From My Past – Do I Still Love Them? (2) Aqua: Aquarium

I enjoyed writing about and listening to the Robbie Williams album previously featured that I decided to revisit another album from my distant listening past. I did warn that some of these could be dodgy didn’t I? If I didn’t some of these are potentially embarrassing for me. I decided to take a hit and get rid of one of the worst offenders, taking any deserved flak that will come with it. To my shame, at one stage in my life I was the “proud” owner of Aquarium by Aqua. Remember them? The Danish band achieved massive success with this album in 1997/98 propelled largely by the hit Barbie Girl. I didn’t purchase this album, as my first album that I actually paid for came years later and will be featured at later date, but I must have asked for it from someone. The album is no longer in my collection, so arguably I have seen the error in my ways and given it to some poor charity shop, this has forced me to listen to the album on Spotify. Unfortunately for me, this will show up on my Facebook account; showing all of my chums that I… Anthony Jenkins have indulged in Aqua at the ripe old age of 23.

Aquarium went Platinum in the UK, suggesting I am not the only one who had it in their musical past, and peaked at number 6 in the UK Album Chart. Its success was largely built upon the three number one singles Barbie Girl, Turn Back Time and Doctor Jones. It has been some time since I listened to the album and a good few years since I remember seeing it amongst my CD collection, truth be told I’m quite nervous about listening to this… what if I love it and I’ve given it away for no reason!

aquaaquariumThe album starts with Happy Boys & Girls… it’s very bubblegum pop. If this is your thing, you’ll love it. Unfortunately this is not my thing, I do however fear that the lyrics will be stuck in my head for some time. I’m sure the message “Be Happy” contained within the song is supposed to be positive and life affirming, instead it’s filled me with a murderous rage… I may have to listen to something else between songs to calm myself (must be professional and see it through). The bubblegum pop theme continues throughout the album, and is actually something I remember from Dr Jones and Barbie Girl. What is evident throughout is that the female vocalist has a considerably less annoying and creepy voice than the male vocalist. If I heard that man singing on the same side of the street, I’d call crimestoppers… I fear he’s up to something! Barbie Girl is probably the song the album was launched on, maybe even Dr Jones. Both of these songs are excruciatingly annoying, I’m sure I’ve heard it since their heyday, but I sincerely hope I don’t have to hear them again. I think they are the kind of songs that wars are launched over.

Aqua attempt to show they have depth and aren’t just uber posters with Good Morning Sunshine, but if you’re wanting pop ballads there are far many better alternatives around… there is also a very creepy rap from the male vocalist (I vision the guy in a Mac flashing passersby; his voice is that unsettling to me). This vein of not doing pure unadulterated bubblegum pop is repeated in Be A Man and Turn Back Time. Turn Back Time is probably the strongest effort in the album, that says more about how irritating I found the album, rather than Turn Back Time.

Clearly this album has not stood the test of time for me. I genuinely have no idea why I liked it in my youth, I’m putting it down to a phase – of liking terrible music. The closest thing to a redeeming factor to the album is Turn Back Time, which is a passable pop ballad. The majority of the other songs on the album frustrated me because of their nature. There’s pop that you know you shouldn’t like, but do and then there’s pop you don’t care how cheesy it is… Aqua provides neither brand. I’m glad I got rid of this album, and can only hope I never get tempted to revisit it again. The worst bit about this whole debacle is that my Spotify feeds into my Facebook, now all of my chums can see I listened to an Aqua album in full… oh the shame!

Watch: Gossip – Get A Job

Does Gossip have a grudge against rich kids or has the envy finally made its way into a song. They had this to say about the grudge, “Get A Job is about all the rich kids we knew when we were younger, kids who never had jobs but always had money for partying or getting their hair done. We would come home from our fast food jobs in greasy clothes and they would have spent all their parents’ money on handbags and vodka.”

Buy Gossip on Amazon.

Band member’s old jobs include:

Nathan: Mcdonalds, Burger King
Hannah: Condom store employee, Dildo salesperson
Beth: Wal Mart, Puff’s $12 Zoo

Albums From My Past – Do I Still Love Them? (1) Robbie Williams: I’ve Been Expecting You

I’ve (inspired by my music listening of late) decided on a new feature that I’d quite like to do on here, so long as you are willing to see it. I would like to revisit some of the albums I loved in my past – given them a listen the full way through and see if I still love them as much as I used. In many cases these could be albums that I haven’t heard in years, in some cases it may be albums I still listen to all the time. Some of these may be considered embarrassing to a few of you, but I’m not ashamed of any music that I like… honest.

The first album that I am revisiting is I’ve Been Expecting You by Robbie Williams. This album came out in October 1998, meaning I was 9 at the time. I remember being attracted to the album entirely on the basis of Millennium and the persona of Robbie Williams at the time. Given how shoddy I have found Robbie Williams’ albums of late, it was interesting to revisit one where he was arguably at the top of his game. I still hold Robbie in considerably high esteem because of his earlier work (for me his last album that I loved was Escapology) and his stage performance/persona.

Anyway, back to the album….

The songs I remembered really well without listening to the album and that still get a play on my iPod from time to time are Strong (an absolute classic!), No Regrets (which I didn’t like when it came out and for some time) and Man Machine (no idea why, just love it). However upon listening to the album I realised just how strong it was; I really enjoyed Karma Killer, Jesus In A Camper Van, Win Some Lose Some and Phoenix From The Flames. These songs and this album in general highlighted the strength of the Robbie Williams & Guy Chambers writing partnership. They really wrote some fantastic pop songs with some tongue in cheek lyrics, which work superbly with Robbie Williams the artist. In a way it is a shame they split when they did and for me it is reflected in the decline in Robbie’s work (from my perspective) after Escapology.

There are songs I don’t like as much on the album and they are She’s The One (still find myself singing along to it though) which I never really liked all that much, Grace and Heaven from here did not appeal to me upon listening again, which is probably why they had faded to insignificance to an extent in my listening. I did not listen to the bonus tracks, which may be a bit cheating on my part, but my justification is they aren’t down on the back of the cd cover so they don’t count!

Overall I loved listening to this album again and I have actually had it on in the car since then. The album reminded me of how good Robbie Williams used to be in my opinion and it reminded me of the fantastic gig I was lucky enough to see of him playing Hampden in the early 00s. I’d happily continue listening to this album despite the fact that it celebrates its 15th birthday this year. I believe it has stood the test of time and would still be as popular if it came out today. Next listen I might even wait for the bonus tracks!

Feel free to comment with any forgotten classics from your own listening past, I will be going through my albums to see which to do next!

2013: “The Year of Fleetwood Mac”

With over 40 million copies sold worldwide, the Grammy award winning “Rumours” is regarded as one of the best records of all time. With its initial release in 1977, the album gained widespread critical acclaim and was an instant commercial success. By 1980, it had sold 13 million copies and as of 2009, it has sold over 40 million worldwide. Last Monday (28th January 2013) saw the release of a three-disc 35th anniversary boxset of “Rumours”; baring in mind it was 36 years ago that the album was actually released but it did not reach the UK top spot until a year after its release.

fleetwood-mac1Any album that is packed with potential hits and is consistently good throughout will stand the test of time but why is Fleetwood Mac and “Rumours” so popular with this generation? A question with many possible answers but it all comes down to the plain and simple fact that “Rumours” stands out for its artistic calibre, raw emotion and its excellent musicianship. It tells the story of each of the band members’ individual emotional torment, their heartbreak and despair, drug use, love and lust and their desire to carry on together as one despite all the angst and events surrounding them. As aforementioned, the resilient popularity of the album is due to the high quality of music which has inspired a whole new generation of artists today including Florence & The Machine who covered “The Chain” at Glastonbury Festival 2010.  

Stevie Nicks has stated that “2013 will be year of Fleetwood Mac” as they have already announced a lengthy US tour and when being interviewed by BBC 6 Music, the drummer Mick Fleetwood stated that Fleetwood Mac will be touring the UK in September and October 2013 and revealed that the band are currently working on a new music. UK dates have still to be confirmed.

Rumours 35th Anniversary 3CD Deluxe Edition boxset was released on 28th January 2013.