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  • cat-with-headphones-fishinasub

    5 Songs Your Cat Listens To Whilst You’re Out

    Ever wonder what your cat gets up to when you leave your house to go to work? Or go out to pick up some messages? Or how about when you go out for a “quiet drink” that turns into a two day bender? If you […] READ MORE

  • mars-spaceship-fishinasub

    5 Songs to Soundtrack Your First Space Adventure

    With the prospect of space travel for average human beings becoming a real possibility in the near future, we here at Fish in a Sub thought to ourselves about what songs would accompany a persons first space adventure. I’ve compiled a list of songs that […] READ MORE

  • Aqua

    Albums From My Past – Do I Still Love Them? (2) Aqua: Aquarium

    I enjoyed writing about and listening to the Robbie Williams album previously featured that I decided to revisit another album from my distant listening past. I did warn that some of these could be dodgy didn’t I? If I didn’t some of these are potentially […] READ MORE

  • gossip

    Watch: Gossip – Get A Job

    Does Gossip have a grudge against rich kids or has the envy finally made its way into a song. They had this to say about the grudge, “Get A Job is about all the rich kids we knew when we were younger, kids who never […] READ MORE

  • Robbie WIllaims

    Albums From My Past – Do I Still Love Them? (1) Robbie Williams: I’ve Been Expecting You

    I’ve (inspired by my music listening of late) decided on a new feature that I’d quite like to do on here, so long as you are willing to see it. I would like to revisit some of the albums I loved in my past – […] READ MORE

  • fleetwood-mac2

    2013: “The Year of Fleetwood Mac”

    With over 40 million copies sold worldwide, the Grammy award winning “Rumours” is regarded as one of the best records of all time. With its initial release in 1977, the album gained widespread critical acclaim and was an instant commercial success. By 1980, it had […] READ MORE

  • reasons-to-belive---the-songs-of-tim-hardin

    Reason To Believe – The Songs of Tim Hardin

    “Reason To Believe – The Songs of Tim Hardin” is the forthcoming tribute album which will be released on 28th January 2013 featuring contributions from the likes of Mark Lanegan, Smoke Fairies and more. Tim Hardin made his name in 1960s folk scene. However, he […] READ MORE