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  • tame impala

    Albums of 2012: “Lonerism” by Tame Impala

    “There were times recording this album that I thought, ‘This is the worst fucking thing I’ve heard in my life.’” Kevin Parker described the recording process of “Lonerism” as a two year long nightmare which drove him to the brink of insanity. However, the misery […] READ MORE

  • fav201211

    Favourite Rock Tracks of 2012

    Many say that rock and roll is a dying breed… I say they’re wrong. Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of my favourite rock tracks from 2012. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines From the album “Blunderbuss” One thing I have realised […] READ MORE

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Happy 70th Birthday Jimi Hendrix!

    “So my love, Catherina and me, Decide to take our last walk through the noise to the sea, Not to die but to be reborn, Away from lands so battered and torn Forever, forever” It is safe to say that Jimi Hendrix defied the odds […] READ MORE

  • tame impala

    Tame Impala @ O2 ABC Glasgow

    Psychedelia, the potent smell of dope and quite frankly, sweet as fuck music… What more does one want? Opening the show were Norwegian orchestral pop collective Young Dreams, who have been likened to Grizzly Bear and the Beach Boys. Despite looking a little nervous, the […] READ MORE

  • Smoke Fairies fishinasub

    Through Low Light and Trees Rises the Smoke Fairies

    “The future of rock belongs to women.” – Kurt Cobain The rise of popular female musicians has become somewhat a prominent force. The likes of PJ Harvey with a career spanning three decades continues to inspire with critically acclaimed albums such as “Dry”, “Rid of […] READ MORE