Baby Godzilla Band

Baby Godzilla are a band from Nottingham, they describe themselves as “General extreme noise”, which sums them up nicely.

Band members include, Paul Shelley, Jonny Hall, Matt Reynolds and Tom Marsh.

They have an album coming out very soon, but until it arrives, check out there latest offering.

Fatherson – I Am An Island // Review

‘All greatness stands firm’.

Fatherson’s first album ‘I Am An Island’ is a perfectly woven tapestry of alternative rock songs that firmly concretes their position as the cream of the crop of the Scottish music scene.

Having kept their legion of fans waiting for what seemed like an eternity the album finally dropped on the 7th April and it has been on constant repeat for me. It’s filled with chart toppers, tear jerkers and the all important sing-a-longs.

Some songs stick out for me; ‘Cat Stevens’ is a slow moving track that caught me off guard, it’s movements are hypnotic and alluring. Written without the usual pop song structure in place (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown-chorus) it forms like an Agatha Christie novel, you don’t know where it’s going to go but you stick about until the very last word and by then you’re already extremely thankful you did.

With the power drum beat in place, ‘Lights’ was always going to be a pick of mine. It’s another Fatherson track that really highlights how diverse they can make their sound, catchy and heartfelt at the same time.

The closing track ‘Foreign Waters’ wraps everything up neatly. Ross Leighton’s lyrics aren’t perhaps the easiest to associate yourself with but the smoothness of his vocal quality drags you in and places you firmly in his shoes. I don’t know many bands that have this quality, very few in fact. When listening to this track I found myself at a ‘dusty train station’ in my head, everything formed so easily. It was like I was listening to an audiobook. It takes a truly special band to make that happen, in my opinion anyway.

‘I Am An Island’ is a masterpiece from start to finish. It’s what every lesser known Scottish artist should strive to achieve. It’s a benchmark and it’ll take a long time for it to be surpassed.

‘All greatness stands firm’, I believe that.

Buy ‘I Am An Island’ here: AmazoniTunesMusic Glue

Listen: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead

I will be honest with you I have never listened to Black Sabbath before now and as open as I am to listening and trying anything new once, the last thing I expected was to be now just into Black Sabbath. Who have been playing together a lot longer than I have been alive.

Is that not one of the charming characteristics of music? No matter how old you are or how old they are when it comes to music that whole age thing doesn’t really play a deciding factor.

Anyway, I got a first listen to this track a couple of weeks back although it was released on the 19th of April I was a little late on catching up. For a song that is almost 9 minutes long it sure doesn’t play like one. Usually with my short attention span I prefer 3-4 minutes for a song. However, ‘God Is Dead’ actually plays like 4 songs blended together like some fine aged whiskey. Even when it gets to the end you still want more. I’m sure from the decades the band have been together they have had time to perfect their dark craft.

The band has also released their new album ‘13‘, which hit all shops today. ‘13‘ saw original Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iommi and Geezer Butler reunite for the first time in three decades. For a taste of the album be sure to listen to ‘God Is Dead’ above and decide if it’s one for the wish list or immediate download.

If You Haven’t Heard of This Lot… Check Them Out: The Black Lights

Hello again, firstly let me apologise for my long-ish absence. Some of you may be glad of that, others may not. Anyway, there was some horrible legal action due to me possibly suggesting that the baldy male singer from Aqua was a creepy deviant (which I stand by). Ok, there wasn’t actually any legal action, I just wanted to redraw your attention to the creepy nature of the fella from Aqua.

Anyway, I wanted to do a really quick spotlight on a band that I appreciate. Some of you may have already heard of them, or even seen them live. I suspect a number of you may not have heard of them or seen them live. Anywho, this band is The Black Lights. The Black Lights can be found at

The Black Lights are a group of four grown-ish men who hail from “the hills and dales of Central Scotland”. In their various incarnations they have been about since 2006, and I reckon I have been going to see them since 2009, maybe even 2010 (I’m getting that old). The lineup of The Black Lights is James McCulloch on vocals, Steven Nicol on guitar, Tony Riccio on Bass and Stuart Penketh on drums. The Black Lights play the kind of rock and roll that simply oozes testosterone. They have the kind of riffs that make you want to break out the air guitar and dial it all the way up to 12 (11 just isn’t loud enough sometimes).

The band lists bands they like as: Aerosmith, Kiss, The Wildhearts, Slade, GUN and many more. They have that classic rock sound that many of these bands offer, so they would easily fit in as contemporaries of these bands as far as I am concerned. The Black Lights have supported bands like Anvil and the Virginmarys, and in the occasions I’ve seen them support anyone, they’ve blown the headliners off the stage. The band offer a phenomenal live show, one of my friends commented that they fill the stage like they think they’re the best band in the world… and they pull it off. I couldn’t agree more with that statement, they also offer fantastic banter on stage. If they’re at a venue near you, go and see them… chances are entry will be reasonable and if it’s in Glasgow you’ll probably see my ugly mug!

The Black Lights currently offer their debut album – “Rock Awesome” and an acoustic EP – “You’ve Had Your Fun…”. Rock Awesome contains some phenomenal songs, my personal favourite is Money, but the likes of Queen Of The USA, Sweet Salvation, Ready For Love, Heartbreaker and Season Of The Bitch are equally as brilliant. It’s a brilliant album of balls out rock and roll, absolutely perfect to drive to with the windows and sunroof open. The acoustic EP offers a more tender side to the band, with a version of Queen Of The USA that would have you swearing it’s not the same song as the album version. I eagerly anticipate some new work from them! The band were also good enough to offer some of their “lost” songs for free. These are songs that the band came up with in their early days and haven’t played in some time.

The reason I chose to highlight this band is because they are fantastic guys, who play some shit hot rock and roll and who are phenomenal live. I hope that this gives them a bit more attention and recognition. I really hope someone goes and checks them out as a result of this, they deserve it! I shall hopefully be back a lot quicker than last time with a new offering, not sure whether to revisit another album from my past; to give you a rambling; spotlight a band or chase down The Black Lights for a wee q and a. If you have a preference, please comment below. If you want rid of me, feel free to do likewise. Cheers for reading!

Watch: The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds

A few days ago The Boxer Rebellion released their brand new music video for their song ‘Diamonds’ which will feature on their upcoming album ‘Promises’ and if it’s anything to go by, it’ll be a corker!

‘Diamonds’ is a tidy number that encapsulates The Boxer Rebellions sound perfectly. Catchy and heartfelt lyrics intertwined with ethereal and echoey guitars. Perfect combination. With Summer fast approaching, I’m on the look out for my “Summer Album” and with what this song offers,  “Promises” certainly promises (<teehee) to be a contender.

Watch: Washington Irving – Holy Company

Tales of love and lovers from the Northern Scottish Folk Rockers who are also joining Frightened Rabbit on their tour of the UK this month. The uplifting, driven and engaging sound of this wholesome five piece is what is so attracting. A strong fan base and with the likes of Vic Galloway and Ally McRae as loyal fans -we Scots are a loyal bunch- it’s to be a fruitful year for Washington Irving.

You can purchase new single ‘Holy Company’ here:

UK Tour with Frightened Rabbit:
Feb 8th – Norwich Waterfront w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 9th – Birmingham Library w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 11th – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 12th – Brighton Concorde 2 w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 13th – London HMV Forum w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 13th – London Bull & Gate
Feb 14th – Cambridge Junction w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 16th – Bristol Fleece w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 17th – Exeter Phoenix w/ Frightened Rabbit
Feb 18th – Stoke Sugarmill w/ Frightened Rabbit

2013: “The Year of Fleetwood Mac”

With over 40 million copies sold worldwide, the Grammy award winning “Rumours” is regarded as one of the best records of all time. With its initial release in 1977, the album gained widespread critical acclaim and was an instant commercial success. By 1980, it had sold 13 million copies and as of 2009, it has sold over 40 million worldwide. Last Monday (28th January 2013) saw the release of a three-disc 35th anniversary boxset of “Rumours”; baring in mind it was 36 years ago that the album was actually released but it did not reach the UK top spot until a year after its release.

fleetwood-mac1Any album that is packed with potential hits and is consistently good throughout will stand the test of time but why is Fleetwood Mac and “Rumours” so popular with this generation? A question with many possible answers but it all comes down to the plain and simple fact that “Rumours” stands out for its artistic calibre, raw emotion and its excellent musicianship. It tells the story of each of the band members’ individual emotional torment, their heartbreak and despair, drug use, love and lust and their desire to carry on together as one despite all the angst and events surrounding them. As aforementioned, the resilient popularity of the album is due to the high quality of music which has inspired a whole new generation of artists today including Florence & The Machine who covered “The Chain” at Glastonbury Festival 2010.  

Stevie Nicks has stated that “2013 will be year of Fleetwood Mac” as they have already announced a lengthy US tour and when being interviewed by BBC 6 Music, the drummer Mick Fleetwood stated that Fleetwood Mac will be touring the UK in September and October 2013 and revealed that the band are currently working on a new music. UK dates have still to be confirmed.

Rumours 35th Anniversary 3CD Deluxe Edition boxset was released on 28th January 2013.