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  • baby-godzilla-band

    Baby Godzilla Band

    Baby Godzilla are a band from Nottingham, they describe themselves as “General extreme noise”, which sums them up nicely. Band members include, Paul Shelley, Jonny Hall, Matt Reynolds and Tom Marsh. They have an album coming out very soon, but until it arrives, check out […] READ MORE

  • IAmAnIsland

    Fatherson – I Am An Island // Review

    ‘All greatness stands firm’. Fatherson’s first album ‘I Am An Island’ is a perfectly woven tapestry of alternative rock songs that firmly concretes their position as the cream of the crop of the Scottish music scene. Having kept their legion of fans waiting for what […] READ MORE

  • Black-Sabbath-fishinasub

    Listen: Black Sabbath – God Is Dead

    I will be honest with you I have never listened to Black Sabbath before now and as open as I am to listening and trying anything new once, the last thing I expected was to be now just into Black Sabbath. Who have been playing […] READ MORE

  • The Black Lights Fish in a Sub

    If You Haven’t Heard of This Lot… Check Them Out: The Black Lights

    Hello again, firstly let me apologise for my long-ish absence. Some of you may be glad of that, others may not. Anyway, there was some horrible legal action due to me possibly suggesting that the baldy male singer from Aqua was a creepy deviant (which […] READ MORE

  • boxer-rebellion-fishinasub

    Watch: The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds

    A few days ago The Boxer Rebellion released their brand new music video for their song ‘Diamonds’ which will feature on their upcoming album ‘Promises’ and if it’s anything to go by, it’ll be a corker! ‘Diamonds’ is a tidy number that encapsulates The Boxer […] READ MORE

  • Washington Irving

    Watch: Washington Irving – Holy Company

    Tales of love and lovers from the Northern Scottish Folk Rockers who are also joining Frightened Rabbit on their tour of the UK this month. The uplifting, driven and engaging sound of this wholesome five piece is what is so attracting. A strong fan base […] READ MORE

  • fleetwood-mac2

    2013: “The Year of Fleetwood Mac”

    With over 40 million copies sold worldwide, the Grammy award winning “Rumours” is regarded as one of the best records of all time. With its initial release in 1977, the album gained widespread critical acclaim and was an instant commercial success. By 1980, it had […] READ MORE