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  • Deap Vally Fish In A Sub

    Watch: Deap Vally – Baby I Call Hell

    Dirty sweaty sexy rock sells, the image obsessed world falls right into the traps set out by sometimes wizard like marketing geniuses. If major labels spent less on analysing trends to pick the right artists for said current trend(s), the world of music would probably […] READ MORE

  • finn lemarinel garden fishinasub

    Watch: Finn LeMarinel – Garden

    Like when no one believed Mariah Carey could sing because she had never done a live show before. I can absolutely confirm this track live is just as breath taking (see for yourself). That (in the link to the left) version was my first introduction […] READ MORE

  • the-money-go-round-endless-sun-fishinasub

    Watch: The Money Go Round – Endless Sun

    There will be a few tracks this summer competing for the coveted ’2013 Summer Song’ title. But we don’t really need anymore lackluster bass drops and overhyped female backing singers. What we need is a chill wave… here comes the 60s vinyl, or you could […] READ MORE

  • coasts

    Watch: Coasts – Wallow

    I may be biased because of their marine based name, but this is the shizz. READ MORE

  • boxer-rebellion-fishinasub

    Watch: The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds

    A few days ago The Boxer Rebellion released their brand new music video for their song ‘Diamonds’ which will feature on their upcoming album ‘Promises’ and if it’s anything to go by, it’ll be a corker! ‘Diamonds’ is a tidy number that encapsulates The Boxer […] READ MORE

  • the1975

    Watch: The 1975 – Chocolate

    The 1975 have sustained a good amount hype around themselves the last 6 months. This is just another example of why that hype exists and stays around them and why they are constantly touring and playing to sold out shows. The seedy dark essence of […] READ MORE

  • The_Vestals87b96f

    Watch: The Vestals – Seventeen

    Part of their debut single, which will be released on 7″ via Killing Moon Records on February 11th. Listen to second track ‘Perfect Pain’. READ MORE