I’ve seen some things in my time. The internet can be a strange and wonderful place when it wants to be. This video has to be in the top 10 weirdest and most awesome.

The Multi-Talented John Reilly

I wonder what would happen if you touched his guitar? (Step Brothers drum set scene)

Crazy Good C&TB Mash Up

If they did only rehearse this a few times, damn these boys have talent.

Catfish And The Bottlemen – Pacifier

If you missed the release yesterday like myself then it’s here! From the band’s debut bloody brilliant album, The Balcony. The video reminds me of Snatch for some reason. Maybe the dodgy looking caravan, ...

Watch: Deap Vally – Baby I Call Hell

Dirty sweaty sexy rock sells, the image obsessed world falls right into the traps set out by sometimes wizard like marketing geniuses. If major labels spent less on analysing trends to pick the right artists for ...

Watch: Finn LeMarinel – Garden

Like when no one believed Mariah Carey could sing because she had never done a live show before. I can absolutely confirm this track live is just as breath taking (see for yourself). That (in the link to the left) ...

Watch: The Money Go Round – Endless Sun

There will be a few tracks this summer competing for the coveted ‘2013 Summer Song’ title. But we don’t really need anymore lackluster bass drops and overhyped female backing singers. What we need is a ...