Catfish And The Bottlemen – Pacifier

If you missed the release yesterday like myself then it’s here!

From the band’s debut bloody brilliant album, The Balcony. The video reminds me of Snatch for some reason. Maybe the dodgy looking caravan, the tough guy Londoners and the fact the whole set sort of looks like the crappy headquarters of Jason Statham and his weird associate.

Back to business…

When you hear that labels always look for that unique new voice that would shine through the rest, Van McCann is that voice. In the most subtle profound way his voice transcends through what would be brushed off as another typical English breakthrough act.

That’s why ladies and gentlemen we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from these lads.


Watch: Deap Vally – Baby I Call Hell

Dirty sweaty sexy rock sells, the image obsessed world falls right into the traps set out by sometimes wizard like marketing geniuses. If major labels spent less on analysing trends to pick the right artists for said current trend(s), the world of music would probably be a whole lot more interesting (not that it isn’t at the moment).

Deap Vally are dirty sweaty sexy and old school rock. Stripped back to the skin music that fits in well with their fashion choices. Don’t quote me on that as I am the world’s most unfashionable person, I just learned today that Beyonce had a kid and its called ‘Blue Ivy’… I know what you are thinking and yes I did shake my head slowly in disbelief and partial disgust. What does it matter the sprog is the offspring of Beyonce and Jay-Z people have no doubt already kissed its feet. Power duos appear to be the trend in this article.

I think what Deap Vally are trying to accomplish commands a certain level of respect, it can be hard standing out in a industry dominated by testosterone.

Rock on…

Watch: Finn LeMarinel – Garden

Like when no one believed Mariah Carey could sing because she had never done a live show before. I can absolutely confirm this track live is just as breath taking (see for yourself). That (in the link to the left) version was my first introduction to Finn, he is also the frontman of Trapped In Kansas.

The video was directed by Finn and Joshua Porter it has to be some of the most original and unique work from a Scottish artist that I have had the pleasure of listening to. Not too sure what the abattoir is doing or adding to the track, possibly to shock vegetable eaters. I hope it’s all Scottish beef in the video and no horse.

‘Garden’ is set for release on the 13th of May via Comets & Cartwheels, you can pre-order it now from this link.

Watch: The Money Go Round – Endless Sun

There will be a few tracks this summer competing for the coveted ‘2013 Summer Song’ title. But we don’t really need anymore lackluster bass drops and overhyped female backing singers. What we need is a chill wave… here comes the 60s vinyl, or you could listen to The Money Go Round (our new chilling partners). After the extremely successful Tame Impala album last year, we are long overdue some more Aussie/New Zealand bands. They probably write happier songs because they aren’t stuck in all day avoiding the rain and are actually able to go outside and write songs.