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  • freelance-whales

    Where Credit is Due: Freelance Whales

    You know those times where a friend tells you to listen to a band because he/she thinks they’re amazing and you usually go something like ‘yeah I’ll listen when I get home’ and then eventually never get round to listening to them? I’m guilty of […] READ MORE

  • WATP2

    Where Credit is Due: We Are The Physics

    A busy year for the tennis player naming, particle mashing and all-round jokers it has been. The release of their album ‘Your Friend, The Atom’ then top it off with a hoard of successful music videos totalling around 60,000+ views on YouTube. But why is […] READ MORE

  • Cave Painting

    Where Credit is Due: Cave Painting

    Brighton band Cave Painting have been making waves in the music industry as of late thanks to their quirky take on jangly guitar riffs and lovely melodic vocals. Formed in 2010 they only made it through my earphones around a month ago thanks to a […] READ MORE

  • Deaf Havana

    Where Credit is Due: Deaf Havana

    There are some bands out there that work tirelessly for years and year to gain the exposure and fame they rightfully deserve and at this moment in time there is only one band I can really think of that have done this; Deaf Havana. Two years ago […] READ MORE

  • SocialNetworkSndtrk

    Where Credit is Due: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

    Who are these guys? Have I just plucked two random names out of the world of music and decided to give them high praise? Sort of. These two fellas are responsible for scoring one of my favourite films of all time; The Social Network. The movie itself […] READ MORE

  • The Helio Sequence Fishinasub

    Where Credit is Due: The Helio Sequence

    Allow me first to apologise for my lengthy absence, living without a laptop for around 2 months can really take it’s toll on you mentally. Fear not though, I’m now writing from my shiny new MacBook! All of that drug dealing and illegal music sharing […] READ MORE

  • Johnny Cash fishinasub

    Where Credit is Due: Johnny Cash

    One way or another, you’ll have heard of Johnny Cash. He could possibly be named one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Best known for writing classic country/rockabilly/rock & roll tunes that have lasted through the ages and even to this day […] READ MORE