Live Review: Vukovi @ King Tuts, Glasgow

Hi Fishinasub readers! My name’s Anthony Jenkins and from time to time I’ll be typing some stuff for your reading pleasure/disgust.

Anyway last night, I ventured out in the borderline Siberian weather to have a swatch at Vukovi at King Tuts. Great combination for me, as I love the band and the venue. For those not aware, Vukovi are a four piece from Kilwining/Troon. They have released 3 EPs, “It looked so good on me…”, “…. But I won’t Wear You Again” and “Sweet Swears”. Each of these three EPs are fantastic. Anyway this was to be the third time I had went to see Vukovi in 2012, and the last (sob).

Vukovi were supported by The King Hats and The Mirror Trap. Both were good, and seemed to be well received by the crowd. Keep a look out for both of them.
Vukovi came on stage around 10 and blasted straight into ‘Obsessions’ from ‘Sweet Swears’. They sound even better live than they do recorded and Janine (Singer) seems to have loads of energy, constantly bouncing around on stage. I was surprised to see Jason (Bass Player) on stage as I had seen him walking about the venue in crutches earlier that evening. Clearly the guy is very rock and roll, and a fucking hero!

I stood a fair bit from stage, mainly because I am a bit on the tall side so could see anyway. Also I was driving so didn’t indulge in alcohol that would usually make me want to bounce about. That said, the crowd were going mental and bouncing about for Vukovi. Rightly so, they were on fire! The band were the best I’ve seen them, working their way through songs from each of their three EPs and a newbie (which sounded awesome, can’t wait to hear it again already), oh and they played a Katy Perry cover, giving it more balls than Ms Perry ever could. Throughout the crowd were lapping it up, which is always a sign that the band is doing everything right. The highlight for me had to be the slow motion wall of death that Janine managed to get the crowd to partake in. The only complaint I could possibly have was a lack of a festive cover. However that’s something the band can’t be blamed for just my own current obsession with Christmas songs (sad, I know!).

Vukovi are a great live band and they have the songs that you’d just love to dance to (if only I could dance!). I really believe bigger and better things await Janine, Hamish, Jason and Colin. Based on the vibe from the crowd last night could easily be a game changer for them and see them propelled to those dizzy heights. If that’s the case I’ll be proud to say I saw them last night and previously.

They’re a brilliant band, go check them out at and
Thanks for reading!

Vukovi – We Are Robots

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