The Mouse That Ate The Cat – I Am The Hottest Fire (Single Review)

The Mouse That Ate The Cat (or for general purposes here TMTATC) are a new band consisting of former Dykeenies vocalist Brian Henderson and Colin Keenan formerly of Drive-by Argument. Good start here then?

‘I Am The Hottest Fire’ is a cracker of a song. Henderson has that kind of voice you just fall in love with instantly, it’s endearing. There’s a real bouncy beat to the track which has your head bobbing along like a Churchill dog sitting at the back of a car. The song crescendos to the point where the words “I am the hottest fire” repeat, it’s hard to not start singing along, I’ll also make a point here, the vocal harmonies are spot on throughout this section, a real treat to the ears. This song has the makings of a real Summer hit and if anything, it’ll definitely be on of my Summer songs.

B-side to the single is oddly named ‘Ou Les Mort Sont Des Dieux’, what does it mean? Here’s what Google translate spouted: “Or The Death Of The Gods Are”, is this correct? Unlikely. This track is softer and laid back but follows the same structure where the song builds to a pinnacle. I can’t help but admire the change in vocal quality Henderson has proven from his time with The Dykeenies to his new venture in TMTATC, I can only hope that people don’t dismiss these guys due to their former bands, they shouldn’t, there is something really special here.

‘I Am The Hottest Fire’ is released on the 23rd July so keep your eyes peeled for it! The guys are also hitting the road, here’s the lowdown:


26 – King Tut’s, Glasgow
27 – The Attic, Bathgate
28 – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
31 – PJ Molloys, Dunfermline


10 – Doghouse, Dundee
11 – Mad Hatters, Inverness

From now on, anytime I hit a party or a club on a Friday night, I am going in with the mind set that I am the hottest fire.

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