United Fruit @ Stereo

A Monday night. I had no plans. I had spare money. Stereo bound!

I headed to Glasgow to attend Glasgow PodCart/Detours gig they were holding in the lovely sex dungeon otherwise known as Stereo.  Playing tonight were three bands I had heard little of; United Fruit, Ice, Sea, Dead People and Alarm Bells.

First on tonight were Alarm Bells, a band consisting of previous  members of popular Glasgow band ‘Dananananaykroyd’. With an already busy Stereo they hit into an explosion of electro/rock laden with synthesizers and vocal effects. At first I was unsure of their sound but as their set progressed I started getting a really good vibe off of them. This was their second gig, I’d catch them now before they start selling out shows in minutes.

Next on were Londoners ‘Ice, Sea, Dead People’. From the offset I was really into these guys, I can’t deny my love for a meaty guitar riff and some mega bass distortion! They declared this was their 3rd trip to Glasgow (first time being here where it has been sunny), I can imagine they picked up more than a few new fans after their performance.

Headliners ‘United Fruit’ are phenomenal. Oops, meant to say why first aren’t I? I’ve never seen a band with such raw power, the use of three guitars should have been a hint. Hitting out with some serious rock noise along side some spectacular duo-vocals it was hard to take your eyes off ‘United Fruit’ never mind think about something else! I can’t advise you enough to stop what you’re doing and check them out and then proceed to see if they’re playing near you, if so, go and be blown away.

I love Mondays.


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