Where Credit is Due: Cave Painting

Brighton band Cave Painting have been making waves in the music industry as of late thanks to their quirky take on jangly guitar riffs and lovely melodic vocals.

Formed in 2010 they only made it through my earphones around a month ago thanks to a delightful free download from iTunes (about the only thing that is free on iTunes nowadays) and I’m eternally grateful for this. The song that was free was entitled ‘So Calm’ which is an explosion of bright noise, smile music at its finest. This is something Cave Painting seem to do effortlessly, they write music that gets you smiling and there aren’t many bands that can do this.

Being relatively new they don’t have a lot of online music except for their newly released album ‘Votive Life’ (that they have also released for FREE!) and a few bits and bobs but this is really all you need to fuel your addiction for them. Their music is endearing and pulls you in.

My picks from their album are ‘Gator’ and ‘Rio’. ‘Gator’, for me, really captures their sound in a nutshell and in that I mean, it’s everything I love about Cave Painting. It’s a pop song without being out right about it, it’s calm and carries on without any huge hooks but yet it encapsulates you. It’s exquisite. ‘Rio’ follows the same thread as ‘Gator’, it’s a delectable song that shows vocalist Adam Kane’s smooth voice off perfectly.

I think Cave Painting are onto something special and if they keep going down the path their on I reckon they’ll soon be on par with new favourites Alt-J and perhaps further ahead. Next year should see them playing festivals, sharing their music in the Summer sun. But before that season they’re touring the UK, so if you have the chance, don’t hesitate to go see them, I know I won’t be.

You can get their debut album ‘Votive’ for free!!

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