Where Credit is Due: The Genius of Quentin Tarantino

When selecting the perfect song for a scene, Quentin Tarantino describes the importance of the process as follows.

“…is about as cinematic a thing as you can do. It works in this visceral, emotional, cinematic way that is special.”

Garrulous dialogue, violence and badass tunes are the key components to any Tarantino film. Whether one is a fan of his movies or not, there is no denying that Tarantino, similarly to Martin Scorsese, knows how to compile a mix-tape of great pop music to coincide and furthermore enhance scenes to make them simply unforgettable. Two personal favourites are both in Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega is doped on heroin cruising around in his car listening to The Centurians – “Bullwinkle, Part II” and the scene at the restaurant Jack Rabbit Slim’s in which Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace danced to Chuck Berry – “You Never Can Tell” for the contest’s prize. Absolute genius!

With the release of his new movie “Django Unchained”, fans who have eagerly awaited the film have also equally waited for what the soundtrack has to offer and in true Tarantino style, he never fails to surprise. For the first time, Tarantino has allowed songs on his soundtrack that were composed with the film in mind. In the past, he has blatantly refused to work with other composers stating that the idea of giving another person that much power in his movies is much to his dislike. One cannot argue that his source of inspiration, his extensive vinyl record collection, has not proved successful as Tarantino soundtracks have sold millions worldwide.

“Django Unchained” is out in cinemas now and the soundtrack is also out now.

Here are some of Tarantino’s finest music moments.

From Pulp Fiction: Vincent Vega’s heroin trip

From Pulp Fiction: Jack Rabbit Slim’s dance scene with Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega

From Inglourious Basterds: Shoshanna getting ready to avenge her family and Jewish heritage

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